A location “agnostic” surprise

Nina Lutz
9 min readMay 10, 2022

Have I written in a while? Nothing complete.

Enjoy this rant/personal post about Seattle, for now. The tech society visual communication programming will return shortly.

It’s February 2021. The only job offer I have that makes the most sense is located in Seattle. I have to be onsite, HR says.

I’m graduating so soon. I’m *technically* location agnostic. And I know that, of course I know that. But I’m mad.

Seattle, Washington.

I went for a wedding, once. Did the Space Needle. Ate some fish.

Seattle, Washington.

I went for a conference another time. Mostly stayed in the hotel. We went to a brewery. I don’t drink beer.

You’ll get a relocation bonus.

“It’s grey there!” my friends say “And everyone likes to hike! You hate hiking! And RAIN!”

One of my friends is excited. She says that I am going to like it, that I will have a Bella Swan moment. I don’t know if that’s the moment I want, but I might have to embrace it.

I have 3 college acquaintances there. One I was decently close to for a bit, but we fell out of touch. Another is a newer one, who I got closer to over Twitter after we met with me lending him laser cutter hours back in 2018.

I ask them where I should live. I pick an apartment a 10 minute walk away from one of my acquaintances and a 20 minute one…



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