A Pictorial Analysis of Disney Female Characters: Wrists and Worries

Although, I don’t know if this is right. I don’t. I actually think they made the waist too tiny in the photo, in terms of proportion to the body.

Section 1: The Characters I Chose

I just. The older I get the more I realize that these little guys are me and my officemates looking for gossip and I’m sorry and I actually don’t think Hercules is a bad movie? Like. It is a kids movie what do you want?
I think Mulan is a princess? I have always been unclear on this.
Fairies fairies fairies. So blue. Why so blue?
Villains! So much red and purple? Is Mim my Halloween costume this year? Maybe.
I mean at least we have some interesting situations here, right? And honestly I feel bad including Jessica, she is aware she was drawn like that, after all. THE ART IS AWARE, folks!

Section 2: Color Trends

Section 3: Casual Insights aka if you aren’t a main character what do you look like even?

Section 4: Form Rations

So basically, Mim has the most extreme hourglass look and Maleficent is kind of rectangular due to being in a clock the entire time. Or a dragon.
She’s one of my Halloween costumes now and no one can stop me. I already have it in my Amazon shopping list to order later this year if we have a Halloween lol help the world is on fire.
Oh, Snow White. Thanks for not being as impossible but also we have a weird relationship. As a pale girl with dark hair this is where people put me. I have guys compliment me all the time about being a busty Snow White. It’s so cringe and I know I have to do another rant on paleness and colorism and why this is problematic….but for now go read my makeup article in JODs. Just Google Nina Lutz Making Up the Unreal.
Hint: It didn’t get better.
We can see that no one has realistic wrists or eyes. No one.

Section 4: Takeaways



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