A Pictorial Analysis of Disney Male Characters: Princes and Reflections

Section 1: Character Selection

Section 2: Color Trends

Gaston, who is often warm tone (think the mob fire) throughout the film to point out visually that he is indeed the antagonist to the cooler color palettes of the Beast and Belle.

Section 3: Insights

Section 4: Jaws and Faces

The types of jaws — according to the animated film, Mulan.

It’s really a visual communication stance of: here are friendly male jaws (friend and father jaws) versus here is the jaw of a romantic interest.

Section 5: Ratios

Source: Buzzfeed
Body building vs power lifting — there are a variety of different body aesthetics in the fitness world of men, at a variety of extremes. Source: https://www.sebastianfitnesssolutions.com
We can see that almost all of the princes are in the same range for the shoulder to waist ratio. Meanwhile, wrists have a larger diversity. Prince Naveen has larger wrists in comparison to most of the princes, especially Prince Philip, who is drawn with very small wrists and much larger shoulders than most princes.

Section 6: Height

Fun fact: he was approximately this much taller than her when they were frogs too. I don’t make the rules. Gendered frog drawings do.

Section 6.5: I don’t want to talk about penises on cartoons made for children no no no whyyyyyy

It is as if toxic masculinity has enabled the creation of a hierarchy around immutable characteristics — skulls, wrists, height, etc. This can be weaponized both by men and women, and creates a hard problem to solve.

Section 7: Conclusion

I am not a sociologist, dietician, or anything really. But I do know that when we talk about anything beauty related we often leave out a large majority of men.



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