A Year (2020) of (almost) Daily (code) Sketches

Sure, 263/365 is only 72% but I have definitely gotten worse grades in my life and doing something consistent for 72% of the hellscape of 2020 isn’t the worst.

You can see the date in the name of the image. Feel free to look closer.
A video recap of sketches


Process: Sketching

My very first sketch of 2020. Ah, how little I knew of what was to come.
Some early iterations in January, showing a remix of the same sketch.

I had an architecture professor who once told me that a good designer and a good scholar is someone who is willing to “kill their darlings”. Someone who is willing to go deep into an idea, prototype, or aesthetic but then kill it off if it isn’t working. There is a strength in that.

I think this combination of constant iteration and constant pivoting has definitely made me stronger in terms of sketching, visual design, and creative coding.

Process: Posting

Lessons Learned: Sketching and creative process

Some sketches that embody a lot of what I addressed above.

Lessons Learned: Reception

You have no idea how much your comments and engagement and appreciation of my silly sketches motivate me, especially in the current insanity of the world.

Future Work/Goals for 2021


But really, I think I just care about using computers to make people think about other people. And if there is one thing we have learned from 2020, there are too many who are not doing that.




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